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The most famous translation. Presenting Saheeh International in a new format.

The Quran, Saheeh International, Arabic text with English meaning

This Quran contains the Arabic text of the Noble Qur’an with an English translation of the meanings of the Qur’an provided by Noor International, which is a precise translation produced by a team of legal and linguistic experts, according to a rigorous scientific methodology.

This translation is based on reliable interpretations of the mainstream Sunni methodology, such as the interpretation of Al-Tabari and Ibn Katheer.

This translation was carried out according to the methodology of the predecessors, based on the authentic hadiths and sayings of the companions, followers, and scholars.

Bookbinding Hardcover Gold 
Type of internal paper 60-gram Japanese Cream
Internal paper print color Two color
number of pages 616
Size 20cm X 28cm