Explanation of the Concise Advices of Shaykh-ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyah

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Abul-Qāsim as-Sabtī—the scholar and world explorer—regarded a then 36-year-old Ibn Taymiyyah to be the most knowledgeable person he had encountered in the East and the West. Thus, he wrote to him requesting advice concerning four matters:

Advice that would benefit him in his religion and his worldly life

A comprehensive book that would suffice him in the field of knowledge

The best supererogatory acts of worship

The most profitable earnings

The result is a classic must-read book, concise in size yet immense in content. Explained by one of the leading scholars of jurisprudence, Shaykh Sulaymān ar-Ruḥaylī, this manuscript covers the subjects of seeking knowledge, the Hereafter, employment and trade, jurisprudence, repentance, ‘aqīdah, ḥadīth, du’ā', worship, etiquette, and much more.