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  1. Stories from the Muslim World (Default)
    Stories from the Muslim World

    A rich collection of stories of faith courage and heroism written for children. While some of the stories are more well-known than others, all are enchanting. Illustrated in colour. Recommended for ages 8 and over. - See more at:

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  2. When Wings Expand (Default)
    When Wings Expand
    Nur bears the crushing loss and finds her adolescent life more demanding and complex. But with the legacy of her mother’s love, her family’s support, and the guidance of her faith, she manages to overcome the searing pain and use her new found strength to bring joy in to the lives of others. Showing that after death, wings can expand. Learn More
  3. I Wonder About Allah (Default)
    I Wonder About Allah
    The I Wonder About Islam series give young readers answers to the BIG questions they have about Islam in brilliant little books. Written in a friendly and accessible style for today’s youth, these are essential companions for questioning young minds. Have you ever wondered about Allah? Have you ever wanted to ask how Allah will bring dead people back to life? Why Allah created the universe or why He made the Earth and humans? These questions, and many more, are explored inside Learn More
  4. Burning Boats (Default)
    Burning Boats
    Life at the peaceful fishing hamlet of Tobay has been changed beyond recognition by the power-hungry Abbas, who uses threats and violence to fulfill his desire for control. Will the villagers' faith, courage, and wisdom be enough to win the battle and save their way of life? Learn More
  5. Living Islam: The Young Person's Guide to Living Islam (Default)
    Living Islam: The Young Person's Guide to Living Islam
    God Almighty created every entity with a purpose, ascribing every creation on earth, ranging from the tiniest grain to the stars in the Heavens, with a specific duty and rendered this duty a form of worship. We humans are honoured to be His representatives on earth with innumerous blessings bestowed upon us; the only thing our Creator asks from us is to recognize and glorify Him. Worship is the most excellent means of expressing our gratitude, the means of showing affection and glorification for all the divine blessings that have been granted. Fulfilling our duty of worship to perfection is dependent on having accurate knowledge of how to perform various forms of worship, whether this is praying, fasting, reciting the Qur’an, or giving charity. This book is a form of guidance for the youth of today, a guide for their everyday lives. Aiming to meet the practical needs of English-speaking readers for their daily worship, this guide is one that is essential Learn More
  6. The Difficult Journey (Default)
    The Difficult Journey
    This book is about the authors journey through Greece, Egypt and Sudan to Hajj and it is amazing how the author is able to see every moment and event during this journey from a spiritual perspective. It is a truly inspirational book and is very well written. Learn More
  7. Life of the Prophet in Makkah
    Life of the Prophet in Makkah

    Based on original Arabic sources and modern writings on the Seerah. This is a powerful restatement of the Makkan life of the Prophet and a searching analysis of the Jahiliyyah, environment in which the blessings of Islam produced a generation of people who not only became fine embodiment of human conduct, but typified the highest virtues of faith and endurance.

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  8. I Wonder About the Prophet (Book 3)
    I Wonder About the Prophet (Book 3)
    Have you ever wondered what the Prophet Muhammad believed before he became a prophet, why he is so important or why he is praised so often? You might wonder how he treated animals and children or if he performed miracles. All of these questions, and many more, are explored inside. The third book in the series that answers some of the cunning questions children ask about the Prophet Muhammad. Learn More
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