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  1. The Sword of Allah
    The Sword of Allah
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    Khalid bin Al-Waleed (Raz) was the hero of Islam. He led several battles and was always victorious. He conquered the apostates, especially Musailamah Al-Kadhab (the Liar) and restored order and peace to the Arabian Peninsula. He devised military tactics, which, by the help of Allah, made him defeat the huge Roman army. He was very tough with his enemies but at the same time very lenient with his brother Muslims. When he- died, 'Umar bin Al-Khattab (R) cried and said: "Women would never give birth to one-like you."

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  2. The Concept of Allah in the Islamic Creed
    The Concept of Allah in the Islamic Creed
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    In this book young students are also addressed and made aware of the power of their Faith in Allah. Thus, the motto of this book is to clarify the concept of Allah in Islam which is purely monotheistic and belief in Him ought to be unflinching introspection of pleasant or miserable conditions. It will be a guiding light to all the average and above average readers, who are keen to know about the facts of Islam.

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  3. For Christ's Sake
    For Christ's Sake
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    For Christs Sake is the first of two books - the second of the two books being entitled Islam in Andalus - which constitute the revised edition of Blood on the Cross which was originally written between 1977 and 1979 and first published in 1989. The main purpose of both the original and revised edition has been to explore the history of that extraordinary period during which the Muslims first flourished and then perished in the Iberian peninsula - which used to be called Andalus. This work deals principally with the history of Christianity in Europe, with particular reference to Spain, tracing the movement of the original Unitarian followers of Jesus (Isa 'alayhis salam), from North Africa and the Middle East up into Europe and Spain. It goes on to describe the formation and expansion of the Trinitarian Church in Italy and the rest of Europe and outlines the almost total annihilation of the Unitarian Christians at the hands of the Trinitarian Church by means of the Medieval Inquisition. This is useful in understanding how Islam was able to spread so readily and rapidly in Andalus.

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  4. In Quest of Truth: From Deception to Deliverance
    In Quest of Truth: From Deception to Deliverance
    At a time when sections of Christianity are making every effort to convert peoples of the Islamic faith; when in the media every Muslim misdeed is highlighted and every Muslim virtue is hidden, how is it possible that so many Western Christians are turning to Islam, recognising that it is God’s True Path? Within these pages we see the Author’s theological journey which gives insight into a struggle which has taken place through the ages. To understand this is to understand the era in which we now live. The author, Shifa Lynette Vivienne Mustapha, is an Australian who embraced Islam in 1989. Her efforts to bring understanding between the Muslim and other Australian communities was recognized by the Queensland government in 1998 when she received the Queensland Multicultural Service Award Learn More
  5. Islam For Children (Default)
    Islam For Children
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    Islam For Children is the book Muslim children, Parents and teachers have been looking for for so long. Includes beliefs, practices, history and stories of the Prophets retold for the young as well as crossword puzzles, colouring and activity pages. Recommended for Key Stage 2. This book contains stories of the prophets, tales about Shahada, prayer, fasting, zakat and pilgrimage (Hajj). Learning by doing things is emphasised, with plenty of things to do: picture puzzles, crossword puzzles, coloring, making a toy, constructing a sundial, and more

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  6. Towards Understanding the Qur'an
    Towards Understanding the Qur'an
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    This Tafsir is particularly suitable for the young educated Muslim with no direct access to the Arabic original Learn More
  7. Ottoman Connections to the Malay World: Islam, Law and Society
    Ottoman Connections to the Malay World: Islam, Law and Society
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    "This book constitutes a study of Southeast Asia, discussing the Malay world's long historical connection with the Muslim people including the Rumi-Turks, Hadramis and the Ottomans

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  8. What Leads to Hell
    What Leads to Hell
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    Allah has granted humankind a certain span of life in this world and with it the ability to think and then decide their course in this life. After that, everyone will die and be buried. Then all of Allah's creation will be brought back to life on the Day of Judgment. Those who did well on the earth will be rewarded with Heaven/Paradise, but those who were unfortunate (i.e., the wrongdoers) will be sent to Hell. Heaven is the abode of enjoyment, which Allah prepared for the righteous and Hell is the abode for penalty or torment, which He set up for the disbelievers.This book covers the major and minor things in life that can lead you to Hell.

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  9. Beyond Belief
    Beyond Belief
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    Starting from a neutral position, this book looks at claims made by Christian leaders over the centuries and analyses them in the light of modern scholarship. Erudite yet mischievous, the book s scope is wide, from early history to the present day, from America to China, and spanning many different disciplines. Many of the conclusions reached will shock devout believers, though all of them can be verified with reference to sympathetic works by biblical scholars and theologians.

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  10. Dialogue With An Atheist
    Dialogue With An Atheist
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    Dialogue with an Atheist is a book which should help to clarify many points arising in the minds of people today. Dr. Mostafa Mahmoud, addresses a whole range of current issues in a comprehensive manner with direct reference to Qur'an and Sunnah. Problems such as the proof of the existence of God, why God created evil, Paradise and Hell and could the Prophet Muhammad be the author of the Qur'an are tackled both clearly and logically.

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  11. The Book Of Islamic Dynasties
    The Book Of Islamic Dynasties
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    The Book of Islamic Dynasties presents in one concise volume an introduction to the many great Islamic dynasties that have arisen, shone and faded - like stars in the firmament - but have left the Muslim world all the richer.

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  12. A Drop Of Mercy The Water Cycle
    A Drop Of Mercy The Water Cycle
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    "The Water Cycle" draws the attention of young inquisitive minds to one of the great blessings of Allah - Water, which has numerous uses for us. The book includes some recommended activities which are beneficial for class situations

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  13. Dinner Time
    Dinner Time
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    Children will learn many daily dua of eating and drinking while enjoying this easy to relate to story of an American Muslim family.

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  14. Signature of A Muslim
    Signature of A Muslim
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    This book is a journey into the art of influencing people positively towards Islam. The answer to some often asked questions are inside this book: Can I still propagate Islam if my knowledge is weak?; What potential do I have as an advocate of Islam?; How do others perceive me?; How can I influence someone I ve never met before?

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